How to give yourself the perfect manicure in 8 easy steps.

Hey all you multitasking, crazy busy women! If you’re interested in my blog I figure you’re either 1. making time in your life for the nail salon, or, 2. Doing at-home manicures, or 3. A mixture of both. I know I have a mix going on in my life, about 90/10 me going the DIY route. Nails are part of a first impression. In my case I can’t very well be a partner in a nail polish company and have straggly looking nails! I also can’t reach out for a newborn during a lactation consult and have the new mom and dad be turned off by unkept nails.   I’ve developed the following routine for my at home manicures. It works for me and I hope you enjoy its benefits too!


These are my very average hands after some cuticle oil and lotion.


I use a cotton ball soaked with white vinegar to prep my nails.


Next, I buff my nails with a block and use a file…I like them short.


Next, I lay a foundation for my color coats. Our Signature Foundation & Finisher is crystal clear, reminds me of water!


After the Signature coat dries I put on two coats of my favorite shade and let them dry completely.


Next up is a layer of our Tenacious Top Coat followed by the finishing coat with our Signature product.

My Quick 8 Step Nail Care Routine:

  1. Once a week I apply lemon juice to any sun spots developing on my hands (remnants of a California youth), let it sit for 10 minutes then rinse. Oh the joys of being 40…..
  2. Find cuticle oil you love. I use an argan oil based one. Before bed each night massage it into your cuticles and top with an all over deep moisturizer, something thick and rich.
  3. In the morning, or when you’re ready to paint your nails. Trim and file off any rough tips and edges. Buff the surface of your nail with a buffing block.
  4. Run a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol or white vinegar over each nail to thoroughly clean your nails in preparation for polish.
  5. Apply a thin coat of Polston & Co Signature Foundation and Finisher. This will provide a moisture blocking foundation for your polish and increase the durability and chip resistance of your polish coat.
  6. Apply two coats of your favorite polish.
  7. After your color coats are dry apply Polston & Co Tenacious Top Coat for added shine and wear.
  8. Lastly, add a finishing layer of Signature Foundation & Finisher.