Keeping up with the latest colors and trends for manicures seems to be endless. While these trends have changed, what hasn’t is what the experts say we should and shouldn’t do to our nails. However, some of these practices aren’t as great as you would think. Below are three common manicure practices that you’ve probably heard before:

Myth #1: If you have nail problems, getting acrylic nails is the best solution. Totally wrong! If you suffer from things such as brittle nails, nail fungus, or easily chipped nails, getting acrylics is not the answer. If anything, acrylic nails, along with the adhesives that are used with them, make the nail weak. Try vitamin supplements or talk to your doctor if you suffer from brittle nails or fungus before deciding if acrylic nails are right for you.

Myth #2: If I see little white lines in my nails, I must have a vitamin deficiency.  Little white marks on your nail usually mean that you have just scuffed your nail. Or, it could mean that you have been in contact with pretty rough chemicals. Either way, try to be gentle to your nails, cut out using harsh chemicals, and switch to healthy nail products. Nail products tend to have harsh chemicals. So move to more natural products if you continue to see your nails like this.

Myth #3: Trimming my cuticles is a harmless practice.  You’re actually doing more harm than good! Our cuticles act as a barrier between the outside world and the beginning of our nail growth. By cutting out your cuticles, you’re possibly letting in bacteria and other fungi into your nail! If you absolutely have to do something with your cuticles, make them soft by letting them sit in a bowl of warm water, then gently push them back using a nail tool.

We’ve all thought these myths were the real deal at some point! Just be sure to substitute healthy nail products into your nail care routine! Polston & Co’s 8-free nail products are the perfect companion to your mani/pedi. Be sure to check out their shop and read up on more healthy nail news on our blog.