Looking at Manicure As nails start to chip and peel, your beautiful manicure begins to lose its shiny luster. Your fresh look starts fading. A few more days go by and polish looks more like a craft project gone wrong than an engagement ring commercial.

The key to getting nail polish off is not how much nail polish remover you use. In fact, it’s not the type of polish remover that does the trick either (although we recommend natural products without acetone or other toxic chemicals). The secret to removing nail polish is timing.

The longer you rest your polish remover-soaked cotton ball against your nail, the easier polish will come off. The polish needs to react with the solution to effectively be removed. If you’ve ever worn glitter polish then you understand how painstaking this process can be. But if you just wait 30 more seconds – instead of trying to use friction – your polish can come right off.

Another tip for easy removal is making sure you use a color sealed with a natural nail base coat and a top coat. This protects your nails from damage and when it comes to removal time, allows polish to come off quickly. As a bonus, you will need to change your color less often as the top coat and natural nail base coat work together, sealing the polish, hindering chipping.