Tina Mackenzie is Director of Human Resources of Polston and Company’s West Coast Operations.   After retiring in 2010 from Planned Parenthood where she was CEO for 25 years, Tina joined the company to manage and advise in the day-to-day operations of Polston and Company’s research and development efforts.   Tina and her husband, Norman, enjoy traveling from coast to coast to visit with their 4 children, their spouses and grandchildren.


My experience with beauty products as a teenager consisted of Revlon tangerine lipstick bought at the local drug store, light and bright spray for your hair (I always wanted blonde hair), and an eyelash curler.  Oh, and Vaseline applied to eyelashes at bedtime to make them grow (of course).
When college came, it was all about ironing your fake blonde hair to make it bone straight. Then came Sassoon haircuts, hair spray, giant prickly hair rollers and a ridiculous looking hair dryer that looked like a small vacuum cleaner. Beauty, such as we deemed it, was elusive and time consuming – most of all – uncomfortable.
Fast forward through many perms that left me feeling like a poodle, BIG hair and stinky nail polish and removers. Phew. It makes me tired thinking about the effort that went into all of that. I mean, what were we thinking?
Finally, came the 90’s and with it a much gentler, natural approach to ‘beauty’….I began to come into my own way of feeling like I looked my best and it had little to do with past experiments. Maybe I needed to try it all before I found my stride. Anyway, as beauty products became more natural looking, so did I. Gone was the hair dye, ironing boards, hair rollers & stinky polish. In came the products that felt natural and performed better then I could have imagined.
Reintroducing nail polish was a big event. I had quit using the toxic brands years before. What a fabulous discovery to find polish that neither smells nor kills my brain cells.  It’s water based and comes in beautiful colors…and it truly is earth friendly. My toes are happy and I am enjoying the freedom of a minimalist beauty regimen. At last!