Norman Polston developed a water-based nail polish that, due to the efforts of highly dedicated and talented private-label distributors, is being sold world-wide.  With several degrees in organic chemistry in his pocket and after a 20 year stint with Dupont where he helped develop acrylic paint technology, he started Polston Enterprises in the early 1990s, a consulting and manufacturing firm serving small paint companies in Southeast Pennsylvania.  His interests eventually turned to the design and manufacture of children’s paint products.  This work led to an association with Klutz book publishers to co-produce “Nail Art”, a book with attached colors of peel-off nail polish that teaches little girls how to decorate their nails.  Successes in this endeavor encouraged work to develop a water-based nail polish for adults that has since become the workhorse of the company.  As the business grew he was joined by his son, Jared Polston, as head of manufacturing and his daughter-in-law, Kristin Polston, as marketing director, both of whom are now partners in Polston & Co.    What with working, hiking with his dog Jack and traveling with his wife Tina, there isn’t much time to do anything else except hang out with friends and drink their wine.