Kristin Polston refers to herself as the lead organizer for Polston & Co.  She started with the family run business back in 1998, took a short sabbatical to pursue a degree in Women’s Studies from West Chester University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Drexel University and rejoined the business in 2008.  Kristin has a passion for women’s health care, beautiful manicures, and sustainable cosmetics technology.  Kristin is committed to being a change agent in the nail polish industry; bringing products to light that won’t pose risk to a woman’s health or environment.  She believes in the beautiful individuality of the Polston & Co. customer and strives to nurture who they are by delivering quick and easy beauty without compromise.

She and Polston & Co.’s head of manufacturing, Jared Polston are married and have two children.  They live outside of Philadelphia in a house they planned, designed and built themselves.  When she’s not balancing homeschooling with working with customers and promotion you’ll find her doing all things mother related while trying desperately to finish the latest Barbara Kingsolver novel.


My first memories of “beauty” are all wrapped in the smell, my mom’s Chanel No. 5.  She wore it when looking nice for work and she wore it when going out for date night with my dad.  She always looked beautiful when she wore that perfume.

I spent my childhood in the eighties pining over the frosted colors, blue eyeshadow, and pastel nail polish, all I was allowed to wear was flavored lip gloss and “Kissing Coolers”.

When the 90’s hit I was high school bound.  The “Look” was big hair, big make up, bold colors!  I wanted the most curl and hair spray I could fit in my hair.  I was on a dance team and it was there I was introduced to foundation (yikes!) usually the wrong color and always on too thick….  Next thing I knew my mom had my “colors done”, I was a fall and should stick to clothes in army greens, browns, and golds… exciting!  I was advised to never go grey, grey hair would wash me out…scary!  Next step in my mom’s intervention: a Mary Kay consultation.  Purple liner to bring out the green in my eyes, ivory bisque foundation, rose blush, and pink lipstick.  This was high school.

Leaving home and friends in the late 90’s to move by myself to Philadelphia opened up a whole new world of beauty for me.  I spent the rest of the 90’s bleaching my hair, wearing  bold lip sticks, getting a nose ring, and painting my nails religiously……

I the early 2000’s I began to take a different view on beauty.  I became more concerned with ingredients and the message.  I still wanted to feel beautiful, but I wanted to look like me.  I grew my hair out, became more minimal on the cosmetics, and ditched the stinky nail polish.

Now fast forward to 2015, I’m raising a son and daughter. I am acutely aware of the legacy I leave for them.   I would like my daughter to start off feeling comfortable and confident in her own skin, I’d like her to have fun using cosmetics to accent her natural beauty when she’s older, not to cover it up or change it.  I’d like my son to appreciate a woman’s unpainted face and not perpetuate impossibly difficult standards of beauty.  I spend my days with lip gloss or mint chapstick and a little blush.  My beauty secret for feeling together:  water based nail polish on my fingers and toes.  I’m glad for my beauty journey, as horrifying as some of the picture are, it taught me to appreciate me and the skin I’m in.