Are you expecting? Do you go manic without a manicure? Luckily, there have been no reported incidents of any
adverse effects on a healthy pregnancy due to manicure products. However, some recent FDA research indicates that chemicals in traditional nail polish are in-fact dangerous and can cause problems such as rashes, contact dermatitis and poisoning. The two most common harmful chemicals found in nail polish are formaldehyde and toluene, which have all been linked to these health problems and more.

If you do wish to still use nail polish during pregnancy, we suggest the following:

•  Apply polish in a well-ventilated room. Stay next to an open window, or paint them on your patio if weather permits. The less you can smell your polish, the better.
•  Don’t blow on your polish to help it dry – you may inhale the fumes.
•  After applying or removing nail polish, wash your hands well with soap.

Due to your pregnancy, it’s likely that your hormones are causing your nails to grow faster and stronger. But if by chance your hormones didn’t get the memo and you still find them to be weak or brittle, try our formaldehyde free nail products that are guaranteed to be safe for you and your baby.