Eight things being 8 Free means to me.

Our company is made up of four people with strong convictions about the work we do.  We developed our 8 Freedom Facts about our company and our products, these cover things we really want our customers to know.  In addition to the Freedom Facts, I have 8 personal reasons I am committed to our brand.

  1. I am an RN and IBCLC (Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant). Issues surrounding the health of women and babies are a passion of mine. Our products have no endocrine disruptors. This is good for us all, but most especially for the tiniest of us.
  1. Our nail polish won’t contribute to the devastating health effects nail salon workers experience in poorly ventilated salons.
  1. Our Signature Foundation & Finisher saves you time! Less time spent fixing and redoing your manicure means more time to work, parent, love, exercise, fight, and steal moments of peace….. without worrying about your nails!
  1. I have no concerns about using our products on my young daughter’s nails. We should never sacrifice our health for beauty, that’s a cornerstone of the legacy I want to leave for her.
  1. My husband heads our manufacturing. He spends his days producing our products; he’s not being exposed to toxic fumes. This is a real plus.
  1. We can offer a revolutionary product, without sacrificing quality or performance.
  1. I get to meet so many interesting women who use our products because they are 8 Free. Athletes, farmers, musicians, mothers, computer programmers, doctors …….women who are not willing to make health sacrifices for beauty.
  1. I get to be a part of a company changing the paradigm of the way we formulate and manufacture nail beauty products. I like being ahead of the curve!

These are my 8 reasons, if you have any you’d like to contribute in the comments we’d love to hear them!