You’ve probably heard of it before, either by your manicurist, the latest beauty blog, or even on Pinterest. But what exactly is a top coat? Top coats are typically known as a nail polish extender, helping manicures and pedicures look great for longer periods of time. While all top coats are not created equal, they usually do the following:

  • It makes your nail color last longer. How frustrating is it to do your nails and Manicurethen a couple days later, they are chipped and cracked? Top coats help keep your polish more durable. This way, your color lasts longer and you have more time that isn’t devoted to your nails.
  • It can enhance the color. Some top coats do extra work by keeping colors more vibrant. They can also add different effects, like a matte finish. Keep your color vibrant while making it more durable? Yes please!
  • It works well with other polish enhancers. Some top coats help strengthen nails or prevent darker colors from staining the nail. It can also help with polish removal, making the color come off easier.

Another benefit of some top coats is that they avoid harmful chemicals. Polston & Co’s Tenacious Top Coat adds strength and extra shine to your color without the chemicals. Be 8-free when choosing a nail polish extender. For more, visit our shop!